Friday, August 19, 2005

Oleana (Part II) - Cambridge, MA

As promised, here is the description of the five-course vegetarian tasting menu I had at Oleana. The tasting menu changes each night.

It was such an event - the server would arrive, place down the selection and describe in detail what was being presented. I felt like a child opening presents ... I finished each course and anxiously waited for my next "surprise".
  • Course 1 – Roasted red pepper feta spread with French bread, marinated olives and focaccia with olive oil
  • Course 2 – Goat cheese spring rolls with blood oranges and some wonderfully spicy sauce
  • Course 3 – Red and green peppers with watercress and feta served warm in a little Moroccan-style metal bowl
  • Course 4 – Spinach and chickpea falafel with lavash bread and a great spread
  • Course 5 – Spicy fideos (short thin noodles - something I grew up eating) with chickpeas and an amazing gravy-like sauce


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