Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Whole Enchilada - Westbrook, CT

Westbrook, CT and Newport, RI may seem an unlikely pair, but that's where we went today. We were on our way down Route 9 toward Newport. We got started a bit later than planned, so we were hungry for lunch pretty early on in our trip. We decided to take a slight detour to Westbrook to have lunch at one of our favorite weekend lunch places, The Whole Enchilada (1121 Boston Post Road, 860.399.1221).

The Whole Enchilada is a small place - it splits a building with a Subway. Upon entering The Whole Enchilada, you will see a sign listing the soups for the day. Most times we've been there they have six offerings. Many soups are fat free, vegetarian and non-dairy.

The rest of the menu is listed up high on blackboards, as well as on papers posted on a glass partition in front of the area where they prepare the food. You place your order at the register, and it seems most people take their orders to go. There are approximately eight tall barstools with a counter if you want to eat there, plus there are four picnic tables outside to be shared with Subway patrons.

The menu is simple - burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, tacos, nachos and a few salads. Items are available with chicken, beef, chili, beans or vegetables in different styles (i.e. ranchero, grilled or spicy chicken). We've tried different items on their menu - which have all been good - but now we tend to get our favorites each time - beef chili soft tacos for E and black bean nachos for me.

After a very tasty lunch at The Whole Enchilada, we proceeded on I-95 North to Newport, RI. The report on Newport will follow in a post later this evening.


At 8/21/2005 8:11 PM, Anonymous Lucy said...

Thanks for the heads up on a restaurant I definitely want to try next time I am in the area. I love reading your restaurant reviews.

At 7/13/2009 4:54 AM, Blogger victor said...

it is small place but very nice its wonder full it is a help for spent week end ..........

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