Saturday, December 31, 2005

Tastease - Hartford, CT

New Year's Resolution #1 - Blog more.
New Year's Resolution #2 - Eat more healthy foods.
New Year's Resolution #3 - Break resolution #2 from time to time in search of great food finds in New England.

When I stumbled upon a review of Tastease online yesterday, I knew it would be a perfect place to try today with E ... plus it would allow once last indulgence before New Year's Resolution #2.

Tastease is a small donut shop at 70 New Park Avenue in Hartford (860.233.2235). It is run by a wonderfully friendly husband and wife team. When you walk in, you immediately see the trays of mid-size donuts with different types of frosting, sprinkles, filling ... quite honestly, it looks so pretty (not your usual donut description).

After hearing about all of the types of donuts they have - the list is tremendous! - we chose to get a bakers dozen of donuts in different flavors. We weren't disappointed. My favorite was the lemon filled (the donut had been split in half by hand and lemon filling was spread between the halves) while E seemed to favor a chocolate donut.

The store has been around for about 18 months and has a client base which includes the mayor of Hartford. They also offer sandwiches including a Miami-style Cuban sandwich described on their menu as "made from the perfect blend of roast pork, ham, turkey, swiss cheese, pickles and mustard butter with cilantro on a 7-inch panini toasted bread". While we were there, they brought a sandwich out for a customer - it looked delicious.