Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Big E - West Springfield, MA

E and I have been focusing on our house - painting, yard work, etc. - so day trips have been sparse. So, postings for a while will focus on ideas for trips rather than our actual adventures.

Today is the final day of The Big E in West Springfield, MA. When I first moved to Connecticut from Dallas (home of the HUGE State Fair of Texas), I had no idea what The Big E was. Someone explained it to me this way ... none of the New England states is big enough to have its own state fair, so they combine to create one big New England fair. Whether that's a valid definition or not, the result is a great fair highlighting the five New England states.

Food is everywhere, and did a great photo montage of the diverse offerings.

The weather is supposed to be good ... go out and enjoy The Big E and a great fall day!


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